external image 7280232476_bfd39faae8_o.jpgHollywood Squares:
A Brain-Bending Game Show
Wednesday, 6/27/2012, 1:15pm–2:15pm PDT
Upper Level Room 6A
Starring: Steve Dembo - Teach42, as our Game Show Host
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Our Square Celebrities:
Dr. Joyce Valenza - Teacher Librarian, NeverEndingSearch Blog- Springfield Township High School Library, Pennsylvania
Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian - Murray Hill Middle School, Maryland
Shannon McClintock Miller - Teacher Librarian Van Meter Library VOICE, Van Meter School, Iowa
Tiffany Whitehead - The Mighty Little Librarian
Joquetta Johnson, Teacher Librarian
Dr. Kari Stubbs - Vice President, 21sts Century Learning BrainPOP kstubbs@brainpop.com and kstubbs4@gmail.com
Michelle Luhtala - Bibliotech.me, Library Department Chair, New Canaan High School, New Canaan, Connecticut
Matthew Winner - The Busy Librarian, Teacher Librarian, Howard County, Maryland
Nicholas Provenzano - The Nerdy Teacher, Grosse Point South High School, Michigan
Steven D. Anderson - Web20Classroom , District Instructional Technologist, Winston-Salem, NC
Adam Bellow - eduTecher - New York, NY
Marie Slim, Spokesmodel/Teacher Librarian, Fullerton Jt. Union HS District, California
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Session Description

Think research is dry? Not so! Test your knowledge of the latest ed tech research regarding digital culture and student learning against an array of brain trust "celebrities" Hollywood Squares-style.

Theme and Strand: Digital-Age Teaching & Learning: Literacies for the Information/Creativity Age
Keywords: Information/media literacies, mobile learning, social media, digital culture, research
Primary Audience: Teachers
Secondary Audience: Library Media Specialists
Audience: PreK12
Skill Level: All

Session Summary
The ISTE audience is an action-centric community of engaged learners. The quest for new knowledge, is a driving incentive. But it is not necessarily a community that relishes examining scholarly research. The dynamic format of this panel presentation will engage participants in understanding research in new contexts. Following the Hollywood Squares game show model, panelists will deliver the content via a question and answer guessing game. Each information module will then be reinforced by a short video clip from an expert or a learner.

Get to know our Squares!

Join us on Twitter at #isteHSq for a daily trivia question about one of our Squares. Answer the question right and you can earn an "X" or "O" on our ISTE Hollywood Squares board. For more details, visit here.

Previous Questions:
  • (6/8/12) Which Square once babysat Michael Jordan's kids while he played a round of golf? (ANS: Steven W. Anderson @web20classroom)
  • (6/9/12) Which Square slapped Howard Stern's face while working at a record store at the age of 15? (ANS: Gwyneth Jones @gwynethjones)
  • (6/10/12) Which Square showed pigs at the county fair at a young age? (ANS: Shannon Miller @shannonmiller)
  • (6/10/12) Which of our Squares hails from the state to first introduce the telephone book? (ANS: Michelle Luhtala (from CT) @mlutala)
  • (6/11/12) Which of our Squares is attending ISTE for the first time? (ANS: Michelle Luhtala @mluhtala and Marie Slim @sraslim)
  • (6/12/12) Which Square can imitate unicellular organisms? (ANS: Joyce Valenza @joycevalenza)
  • (6/13/12) Which Square is a self-described automobile enthusiast? (ANS: Joquetta Johnson @accordin2jo)
  • (6/14/12) The black-eyed susan is state flower of which of our Squares? (ANS: Gwyneth Jones @gwynethjones, Joquetta Johnson @accordin2jo, and Matthew C. Winner @matthewwinner)
  • (6/15/12) Which Square has tattoo of John Lennon? (ANS: Steve Dembo @teach42)
  • (6/16/12) Which Square's fondest ISTE memory was meeting @gwynethjones and @joycevalenza for the first time? (ANS: Tiff Whitehead @librarian_tiff)
  • (6/18/12) Which of our Squares does not have a middle name? (ANS: Nicholas Provenzano @TheNerdyTeacher)
  • (6/20/12) Which of our Squares used to be a lingerie buyer at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC? (ANS: Michelle Luhtala @mlutala)
  • (6/22/12) Which of our Squares took a cooking class in Rome? (ANS: Dr. Kari Stubbs @karistubbs)
  • (6/24/12) Which of our Squares hails from the only city from which one can look SOUTH to Canada? (ANS: ???)

Contact & Joining:

For questions concerning this session please feel free to first contact event coodinator **Gwyneth Jones**
- - at gwynethanne(at) gmail.com Thank you!
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