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Gwyneth: Even if it's only for conferences, even if you only follow and lurk and harvest AWEsome tips & resources it's so worth the time!

Chad: Keeping things organized on Twitter can be tricky. I prefer TweetDeck when I use Twitter. There's even a TweetDeck iPhone app.


Other Twitter Clients and the percentange of people who use them .

Wiki's & Blogs

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Gwyneth: IMHO Wiki's are one of the most effective new technology and helpful tool to positively impact your school and your community. For every tech tip or research unit you do for your teachers & staff to have that easy Read-Write at your fingertips has forever changed the landscape of the interwebs!

Blogs and RSS Readers
Chad - Google Reader is one option (Bloglines & Netvibes are others) to organize your RSS Feeds. Use a reader to keep track of the blogs you subscribe to. New posts will automatically be fed to your reader - you won't have to visit each individual blog to find out if there's anything new. Toolbar buttons are available for just about any browser to quickly add blogs to your reader.

Nings & Wiki's - or Wiki's and Nings!
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The DEN - Discovery Educator Network
The DEN is a great place to find Educator Resources, media for classroom use (if you are a subscriber), great professional development, and connect with educators all around.

The TL Virtual Cafe is committed to creating transformative conversations about teacher-librarians, educational technology, and collaborative connections to facilitate meaningful and lifelong learning skills.
These conversations occur during FREE Webinars utilizing Elluminate donated by Learn Central and Steve Hargadon.

Photo Sharing Sites

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PLN Priorities

If i had to do it all over again NOW i would start in this order:TwitterSearchEx.jpg
  • Twitter account - join and search the hashtages: #TLChat, #ISTE, #edtech, #edchat, #ISTE11, #TeacherTuesday
  • Wiki - FREE Wikispaces for Educators (first a professional development one then a learning one to use with kids - but don't register the wiki name with your school but with your own name- you may move schools and will want to take your work with biggest mistake 4 years ago! LOL -~gwyneth)
  • Flickr photo gallery (worth the $29 a year to go Pro, too!)
  • Nings: Classroom2.0, TeacherLibrarian, ISTE Community, ISTE11
  • EduBlog (either school, classroom, or professional)
  • Web Page (iWeb is easiest)
  • Second Life (learning curve is high - easy to join just for a presentation but to get good at it and look good you'll need time)

Chad Lehman's Build Your PLN WikipageTwitter Resources