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The Reading 2.0 wiki was originally called, "Using Technology to Promote Books--Not Replace Them." Its mission is to highlight engaging web tools, provide example learning activities, and showcase a variety of student creations. The tools are generally ranked in order from "low tech" (limited tech savvy skills required) to "high tech." All of the tools are free, unless noted.

Tools featured in the Smackdown slides (at left):

Digital Storytelling: Tools that Pack a PUNCH!

1. Blabberize is a web application that allows you to create talking avatars from photographs. Just upload a photo, select the area for the mouth and record, phone in or upload a recording. Your avatar is now ready to tell its story. Blabberize allows you to link to your creation, embed your it on your website, or download it in video form.

rumble bear l.mp4

2. Google Search Stories are awesome! By typing in search terms, you create a short story--no tech skills are necessary! This is a great way to get students started with digital storytelling. Teacher hint: Create one YouTube account for the class and change the password after the class has made their search stories.


google lit trips.mp4

3. Voki
Create online talking avatars which can be embedded in your blog, wiki, etc. Kids really enjoy customizing them and speaking through them. These are great way of getting kids to speak up in public and tell their stories.

Get a Voki now!

voki demo.mp4

4. Zooburst
Create virtual pop-up books!

5. Toondoo is great for creating cartoon strips online. Students can upload their own pictures and backgrounds as wall as draw from the extensive ToonDoo Galleries. Toondoo Spaces is available for schools at a price per student.


6. XtraNormal Students can create text to voice digital animated stories using this Web 2.0 tool. Here is an example from one of Karen's 5th grade research classes:


Other Tools We Would Like to Explore:

Prezi CrePreziIcon.jpgations:

"The Zooming Presentation Editor"
Anna Zaitzeff's Maximum Ride Prezi

Booktalker/Movie Director Guru: Doug Valentine
GlogsterEDUIcon.jpg | His students are creating AMAZING book trailers and reviews!
What to Do About Alice? example collection of student book reviews: U.S.S. McKillop Library


Free Audio Books that need to be downloaded

Audio Books for Free
Free Classic Audio Books
The Gutenberg Project
OpenCulture free downloadable Audio Books-mp3
Books Should be Free

Read On-Line

Google Books - use Advanced Search to look for specific books
OnLine Libraries - online libraries that provide fiction, nonfiction and reference books at no charge. Here is a list of the best 25 places to read free books online.
Read Book Online
University of Pensilvania Online Books
Childrens Books Online

An online library of illustrated books

Big Universe - Read and recommend books online
Digital Book Index - Classic Books; login required
Bartleby - All of Shakespeare's plays and poetry
Sur La Lune E - Fairy tale and folklore anthologies, critical texts, poetry and fiction
University of Virgina - Famous children's books
Biblomania - Online books by famous authors
The Baldwin Online Children's Literaure Resource - Classic Children's Literature
The Gutenberg Project - The first producer of e-books
Google Books - A large collection of online books and magazines
**Audio Book Treasury** - Public domain audio-books
International Children's Books - Digital books in many different languages from different cultures.
Many : Browse through the most popular titles, recommendations, or recent reviews and special collections. There are 25,186 eBooks available.
World Public Library: Browse e-books by My First Books, Children's collection, and Young adult collections
Link to Joyce's collection

Book Groups and Personal Collections

Shelfari- Create your own bookshelf, identify favorites, books read, books you plan to read and wish lists as well as form reading groups and share reviews and suggestions.
LibraryThing -Create your own bookshelf, identify favorites, books read, books you plan to read and wish lists as well as form reading groups.
BookSprouts - Create online reading clubs, nominate and vote on books to read.

Created by Jennifer Garcia, Karen Kliegman, and Amy Oberts