Things to do at METC_CSD St. Louis, Mo

external image STLEMES_Embassy_Suites_St_Louis-St_Charles_Hotel_and_Spa_gallery_accom_atrium_large.jpgManager's Reception at the Embassy Suites 5:30-7pm Atrium Lobby
"For drinks on the house, head for the nightly hotel Manager's Reception. We offer light snacks, complimentary beverages and a chance to meet with other St. Louis hotel guests. The Manager's Reception is held in our serene hotel Atrium, offering a perfect way to wind down the evening."
5:30pm to 7:30pm
external image STLEMES_Embassy_Suites_St_Louis-St_Charles_Hotel_and_Spa_dining_managers_reception.jpgWhat else to do in St. Lou? Check out Yelp! external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSNHoI5Ulzn6ezSDYWgsGVuNTZlhv7duZXRoNGHikkFbmTRBJ1J2Q
Tuesday directly after METC -
There will be an Educational Technology Meetup organized by the Educational Technology Association of St. Louis. The meetup will take place in the Embassy Suites bar/lounge area directly after the last METC session on Tuesday.Everyone is welcome to attend and network! Look for Gina Hartman or Bill Bass if you have any questions about how to get involved with the Educational Technology Association of St. Louis. You can also find the organization on Twitter, Facebook, and SchoolTube.

METC_CSD Tuesday Tweetup!

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@phsprincipal "official" **#METC_CSD** Tweetup? It's Tuesday, Feb 15th 7pm at Trailhead Brewing
Directions & Contact Information

Life is What You Make It: A Concert and Conversation with Peter Buffett
St. Charles Convention Center
7:00-8:30 pm

Other Fun Close to the Convention Center

Shopping on the 200-year-old Historic Main Street is St. Charles. There are more than 125 one-of-a-kind shops. Find a list of stores here.

Bass Pro Shop

Casinos: Ameristar or Harrah's

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