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ISTE Connects 3 Part Blog Series


This awesome tool allows you to create speaking avatars that you can embed into classroom websites, blogs, and emails.

Ideas for educators!
  • Use is class newsletters
  • Have students use them for doing book chats
  • Practice summarizing events with a 60 second time limit
  • Classroom reporters can use voki to describe activities in the classroom. Embed the voki on class blogs, wikis, websites, and more.
  • Perfect for self-assessment purposes for foreign language classrooms.
  • Create avatars to represent students safely on-line


A few things about Jaycut...
  • Easy drag and drop interface
  • Allows many different types of media
    • Record audio and video directly from mic and webcam
  • Hosted on the web so not tied to one computer
  • Fantastic sharing and publishing features
    • Publish to smarthphones
    • Download to computer
    • Host on Jaycut server
    • Embed codes
  • Cross between iMovie and Moviemaker
  • True Web 2.0 tool with shared profile that allows for feedback

Sample movie. Be sure to let buffer completely before playing.

Site hosted URL of video:


Frame by frame of what you can expect from the Delaware Art Museum's Picture a Story


A Romance Story
A Horror Story
Lesson Ideas are embedded on the home page. Be sure to see the upper elementary example that includes a graphic organizer!