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Who is in our audience today?

  • No Sign in Required
  • Easy to share with RSS, embed codes, twitter/facebook
  • Make comments directly on the page of the poll
  • Classroom incorporation
    • Pre-assessment tool
    • current-events
    • voting
    • instant feedback

Quick tutorial on the how to set up a poll using Flisti.


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Weebly has been customized specifically for educators! The video below will show you how to create and monitor student accounts. Big plus is that there are no email addresses required for your students.

Examples in education:
Mrs. Shirey's 2nd grade
Mrs. Dambach's 3rd grade
Jonesburg Elementary School created by Gina!

QR Codes


38 Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes in the Classroom
QR Code Generator
QR Codes in Education (Great resources compiled by Steve Anderson)

Great Video! Shows some ways QR codes can be used in education.