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Learning Tools Family Feud

Crowdsourced Edition

Battle of the Sexes & A Whole New Game Show!

Scheduled: Monday, June 27, 2011 - 12:45pm–1:45pm
Starring: Steve Dembo - Teach42, as our Game Show Host
Our Feuding Contestants:
Gals Side:
Dr. Joyce Valenza - Teacher Librarian, NeverEndingSearch Blog- Springfield Township High School Library, Pennsylvania
Gwyneth Jones - The Daring Librarian - Murray Hill Middle School, Maryland
Shannon McClintock Miller - Teacher Librarian Van Meter Library VOICE, Van Meter School, Iowa
Guys Side:
Chad Lehman - IMCGuy, K-5 Library Media Specialist, Wisconsin
Matthew Winner - The Busy Librarian, Teacher Librarian, Howard County, Maryland
Nicholas Provenzano - The Nerdy Teacher, Grosse Point South High School, Michigan
A favorite 70s game show with a fabulous 21st century twist. Listen in while our lively panel illustrates the results of a learning tools survey. Survey Results Are In! READ ALL the Survey Answers!

Audience: Digital-Age Teaching & Learning:Instructional Strategies & Classroom Management

Teacher-librarian practitioners (and other EdTech change agents) will share results of an international crowd-sourced survey relating to 21st century learning tools and face-off on the most practical application of those tools in the library and classroom. Participants will actively engage in sharing in their own survey and will develop better understandings of effective practice in integrating new tools into engaging instruction.

Watch the Video!

Share YOUR Ideas & Tips!

1. What technology innovation has had the greatest impact on student learning?
2. What is the best online tool for promoting creativity?
3. Which online tool is the best for digital collaboration?
4. What is the best online tool for digital storytelling?
5. What is the best tool for creating animation?
6. What is the best online tool for digital image editing & manipulation?
7. What is the best online bibliography maker?
8. What is the best tool for social bookmarking?
9. What is the biggest problem *students* encounter in digital research?
10. What is the biggest problem *teachers* encounter during digital research?
11. What is the best site to use when organizing research?
12. What is the best *grade* to start teaching students about digital citizenship?
13. Whose job is it to teach students proper digital citizenship?
14. What is the best place to find technology tutorials?
15. What is the best site/blog/wiki to discover new free resources?

Want to see ALL the answers??!

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